The pillars of The Music Medicine according to our motto are Joy and Harmony and we tent to cultivate these states and any extent through Music, Performing Arts and Practices!


We believe in the beauty and uniqueness of every individual. We support and value Freedom of Expression by any Creative Means and Cultivation of ones Musical and Artistic Abilities as a path to self-healing and self-realization!

Our principals are:

1) Create an intimate environment where people can actually spend time, connect, explore and co-create.

2) Look like a festival but feel like a retreat. One-stage, one event at a time. We journey together as one.

3) Be a safe place for seekers, artists, creators, sensitive people and empaths (not go too loud or too crowded).

4) Honor the land, people and customs of the local places we gather.

5) Be environmentally friendly and use clean, sustainable practices (*leave no trace).

6) Be a clean, lucid and SOBER event. No drugs or alcohol welcome in our event spaces.

7) Be a mainly LIVE MUSIC gathering.

8) Be in a sacred and breathtaking place in nature, far away from city noise and large crowds.

9) Be near a natural source of water (Sea, Lake, River, etc.).

10) End our nights well around midnight so we get together again early in the morning.

11) Be an inclusive and open event (We don't distinguish between Religions, Constitutions, Political Parties, Colors, Tastes and Preferences and we see everyone's "difference" as points of cultural exchange).

12) Be a gathering by artists for artists and for all those who seek to awaken the artist within them!

13) Be a transformational gathering based on authenticity, kindness and love.

14) Be a family-friendly gathering.

15) Be a playful interplay between sound & silence, movement & stillness.

© 2019 by The Music Medicine.